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Welcome to The Crab Boil

We thought Atlanta had it all as far as diversity in culinary industry. But then we realized something was missing amongst all these restaurants & lounges. Something that we craved all the time and could only get in New Orleans. And that’s the real traditional fresh Seafood Boil. Not just any Seafood Boil, but the kind that will keep you awake at night thinking about when you can get some more, the kind that doesn’t need pretense, special occasion, or utensils, the kind that will make your mouth water. So now it is the time to do something about it. Our Seafood is fresh and our produce are locally grown / organic. We guarantee you will never have any better experience then The Crab Boil. Come and crack in to some good times.

Atlanta are you ready??? Because ATL will not be the same and we are not stopping now…..

Hours Of Operation:



Thursday- Friday

3pm – 2am